Rod electrodes

• High alloy steels
• Heat-resistant and non-scaling steels
• Steels which are difficult to weld,
• Mixed connections
• Rust-proof special alloys
• Cast iron cold welding
• Cobalt-based alloys
• Deposit welding
• Tungsten carbide alloys
• Grooving and cutting
• Tool steels
• Nickel-based alloys
• Non-ferrous metals
• Low and medium alloy steels

Wire electrodes

• Rust-proof
• Nickel-based
• Low alloy
• Hard deposit
• Tool steel
• Copper alloys
• Titanium

Cored wire electrodes

• Work-hardening, austenitic
• Impact resistant coatings
• Resistant to corrosion and abrasion
• Abrasion-resistant coatings
• Resistant to abrasion and heat
• Tool steels
• Cobalt-based alloys
• Nickel-based alloys
• Tungsten carbide coating
• Corrosion-resistant steels
• Cast iron cold welding

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